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Alternative Mechanical is a Full Service Mechanical and Plumbing Contractor focusing on Commercial and Industrial HVAC along with a wide range of specialized services; Medical Gas, HVAC Equipment Replacement, Mechanical and gas pipe welding and Process Piping.


  • Project Development-Design and Build

  • Engineering-Full C.A.D. Capabilities-BIM



  • Drain Cleaning, Preventative Maintenance, and Industrial Maintenance

  • Excavation, Water and Sewer Mains



  • Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, HVAC, Refrigeration, Temperature Controls

  • Process Piping, Certified Welding (including High Pressure and Stainless Steel)

Alternative Mechanical possesses the experience and leadership needed to complete successful project in all aspects of the mechanical and plumbing to provide our clients and customers with an exceptional turnkey project.  Our experience with technical and controlled environments as it relates to Health Care, Food Grade and Pharmaceutical Facilities, make us a preferred partner.  Our team at Alternative Mechanical, maintains our focus on our specialty services and customer project deliverables.


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